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After eight years of spraying for other operators in the Texas Panhandle, owner David George and his wife Megan decided it was time to strike out on their own. In 2008, they purchased a small operation in De Leon, Texas, and got to work nearly doubling the treated acres from the previous owner in just one season. 

Two out-of-the-blue calls in one week, one from past customers asking David to return to the Texas Panhandle, and another from a pilot wanting to buy the De Leon location, brought David and Megan back North in 2010. 

Since then, their business has grown to include a 500-gallon Super-Doer Thrush airplane which operates from the Spearman, Texas airport and a Hiller 12E helicopter from any location it is needed. David trailers the helicopter and the load crew drive the loading truck which pulls a nurse trailer for larger jobs.

2016 Update!

Today, we are proud to announce the transition to stictly helicopter operations. With the success of the past three years, David and Megan believe it is time to focus their business on the one segment of the industry that is driven by precision and quality. David knows each producer has a vision for their operation, it is his goal to make that vision a reality. Call us today so we can help you reach your goals!

2017 Update!

MECHANIC ON BOARD! One of the biggest challenges for any operation is maintenance. Having a trustworthy and timely mechanic is critical to staying in the air and getting the job done right. Well now, David is a licensed aviation airframe and powerplant mechanic! Our goal is to bring only the best to your farm or ranch.

Technology Helps Us Stay In Front of The Competition! M&D Aerial, LLC is proud to now offer Dow Certified Spike applications using our new flow controlled dry broadcaster. We don't just bolt on new equipment and go to work, we test, modify, and test until we see the results we are after.

2020 Update!

We've Moved!!! As we found our niche in the range and pasture market, we decided it was time to relocate back where we got started and to a more central location to better serve all of our customers. We are now located just south of Coleman, TX.

2022 Update!

DRY, DRY, DRY!!! Please Pray for Rain!

Our Prayers go out to all the fire victims!

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