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Your Operation Will Thrive With M&D Aerial On Your Side!

Tilt the odds in your favor with the aerial application services of M&D Aerial. We guarantee only the best applications out of our aircraft. Not only do we use state-of-the-art equipment, but our owner, who pilots all applications, is there for you from the first call through job completion. With load times less than 40 seconds, our helicopter is capable of spraying well over 1000ac/day at 5 Gal/Ac, so big or small we can get any job done efficiently.

Application Services

Keep your fields healthy and productive with the precision applications from M&D Aerial. From row crops to pastures, you can be sure your products will be put where you want them.

We provide liquid applications of:

Herbicides | Insecticides | Fungicides | Right-of-Way Products | Fertilizer | Harvest Aids | Aquatic Products

Our precision Flow Controlled dry applications include, Spike herbicide pellets,               Afla-Guard, fire ant bait and seeding.

We Specialize in precise Spike Applications!!!

Don't see your service need listed? Contact us today to discuss how we can help your specific situation.

Staying Up-To-Date

At M&D Aerial, we are continually looking for new technology, application practices, and any information or equipment that will help us provide the best service every time. We also work closely with chemical manufacturers and researchers to help do our part in bringing only the best to your field. Our precision GPS guidance equipment, along with state-of-the-art flow control systems and nozzle configuration ensures accurate applications every time.

Driven By Quality

David's passion for quality stems from his years growing up on the family farm. He understands from experience how good and bad applications impact your bottom line. There are many variables which can influence a spray job that are outside the applicators control which is why it is critical to choose an operator who has your best interests at heart and the knowledge and experience to back it up. Sadly, too many times we see jobs sprayed in poor weather conditions, at the wrong time or by inexperienced pilots; all of which are a result of an operator that does not have your best interests at heart. Don't waste your time or your money, call us today

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Retail Chemical Sales

Have your own spray rig? M&D Aerial is your source for crop protection products! With multiple suppliers, we are able to find you the right products at the right price.